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Welcome to Durga Finvest, your premier destination for financial solutions. LC/FLC (Letter of Credit/Funded Loan Coverage) Limits are crucial facilities offered by us to cater to your financial needs, whether for trade, business, or personal purposes.

What are LC/FLC Limits and their Requirements?

LC/FLC Limits refer to the line of credit and funded loan coverage extended by Durga Finvest. These facilities empower you to engage in trade, expand your business, or address personal financial requirements efficiently. Whether you need a revolving line of credit for your business transactions or a funded loan coverage to fulfill your monetary obligations, these facilities offer you the necessary financial support.

Types of  LC/FLC Limits

 LC/FLC Limits, which stand for Letter of Credit/Funded Loan Coverage Limits, come in various types to suit different financial needs:

This type of LC provides a guarantee of payment to the beneficiary in case the applicant fails to fulfill their obligations. SBLCs are commonly used in international trade and construction projects, assuring payment in case of default.

This LC involves a confirmation by a second bank, typically the seller’s bank, to ensure the payment is made, providing an additional layer of security to the beneficiary.

With this LC, the original beneficiary can transfer a part or the entirety of the credit to another party, typically used in complex trade transactions involving intermediaries.

In contrast to a revolving loan, this type involves a one-time disbursement of funds with a specific repayment schedule and fixed terms.

These types of LC/FLC Limits cater to different financial requirements and offer varying terms and conditions to suit the diverse needs of businesses and individuals engaging in trade, commerce, or seeking financial support. Depending on the specific nature of your financial needs, one of these options may be more suitable than the others.

RLOC is a type of LC that can be used multiple times within a specific period. As the credit amount is used, it becomes available again for further use after repayment, providing a revolving line of credit for businesses involved in regular transactions.

This type of LC doesn’t involve a second bank’s confirmation. The payment assurance solely relies on the issuing bank’s credit.

This is a funded loan arrangement where the borrower has access to a set amount of money, similar to a line of credit, with the flexibility to draw, repay, and redraw as needed.

Requirements for LC/FLC Limits

To apply for LC/FLC Limits with Durga Finvest, you’ll need to meet specific criteria

Business/Individual Profile

A detailed profile of your business or personal financial background.

Financial Statements

Submission of financial statements, such as balance sheets, income statements, and cash flow statements.


Depending on the type of limit, collateral or security might be required.


A good credit score and history play a significant role in the approval process.

Purpose and Utilization Plan

A clear explanation of the purpose for which you require the LC/FLC Limit and how you intend to utilize it.

Required Documents:

Applying for LC/FLC Limits will necessitate the submission of the following documents:

Business Registration Documents: Incorporation certificate, partnership deed, or any other relevant registration documents.

Personal Identification: Valid ID proofs for individuals and key stakeholders of the business.

Financial Statements: Audited financial reports for businesses or personal income statements and tax returns.

Collateral Documents: If applicable, documents related to collateral or security.

Note: The eligibility criteria and required documents to apply may vary depending on the borrower’s requirements and choice of lenders. 

At Durga Finvest, we understand the significance of financial assistance and are committed to providing the best solutions for your requirements. Contact us to explore the possibilities and initiate your application for LC/FLC Limits tailored to suit your financial aspirations.


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An LC limit is the maximum amount up to which a bank is willing to issue a Letter of Credit for a customer.


The LC limit is determined by your bank based on factors such as your creditworthiness, financial standing, and your relationship with the bank.

Yes, you can request an increase in your LC limit from your bank. They will evaluate your request based on your financial situation and creditworthiness.


FLC limit is similar to an LC limit, but it specifically covers international transactions.


Normally, LC and FLC limits are separate. You should check with your bank for specific details on how they handle these limits.